Eliminate Airborne Particles

Our self-contained filtration units continuously pull contaminated air through multiple stages of highly efficient micro-glass filters. Combined with our patented UV system Opti-Air products provide the most efficient and effective filtration system on the market.

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Enlarged airborne particles

Keeping Schools Safe

Our UV Air Cleaners beat traditional systems by eliminating up to 99% of airborne viruses, bacteria and mold spores including COVID-19 – providing a healthier atmosphere for educational institutions, medical practices, health facilities, gyms, factories and many other indoor areas where air quality concerns are present.

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Educational classroom with students wearing masks

Options For Every Environment

Our team of experts will work with you to design and install the best system for your needs. From gyms and studios to medical facilities and professional office spaces–Opti-Air UV can design and manufacture a filtration system to fit any facility.

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Five adults in gym fitness class

When You Can't Socially Distance

Our products work with your existing HVAC system to provide round-the-clock air circulation and purification. Opti-Air UV provides a safer work environment while keeping your energy costs low.

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Opti-Air UVF-1000 Filtration Unit

Our UV

Opti-Air UV air cleaners are an economical way to improve your overall air quality. Our available service plans provide low equipment and maintenance costs. We can customize a plan for your facility and guarantee a safer environment for all.

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The Opti-Air

Each Opti-Air UV unit comes equipped with UVC germicidal bulbs and is independently tested and certified with technology backed by the FDA.