Our UV Products

Opti-Air UV air filtration systems are an economical way to improve your overall air quality with standalone units that are separate from your HVAC system. This combined with our hassle-free service and maintenance agreements allows for low equipment and operational costs.

Opti-Air UVF-1100 Filtration Unit
UVF-1100 Filtration Unit

Small, powerful, and versatile, this unit is perfect for school classrooms, offices, basements, and any area needing pollutant free air 24/7.

Opti-Air UVF-2500 Filtration Unit
UVF-2500 Filtration Unit

Similar in design to the UVF-1100 but larger, this unit can be placed in centralized locations like hallways or lecture halls in larger facilities.

Opti-Air UVF-1000 Air Purification Unit
UVF-1000 Air Purification/Sterilizing Unit

This series is meant for spaces with low air flow convection such as cold storage areas but is adaptable enough to be used almost anywhere.

Opti-Air UVF-S-1500 Filtration Unit
UVF-S-1500 Filtration Unit

Designed specifically for use in FDA processing facilities, this series is highly customizable to space, size, and facility needs and requirements.