Opti-Air UVF-1000 Filtration Unit


Air Purification/Sterilizing Unit

This unit was designed to disinfect large open spaces up to 2,500 square feet with a low air flow convection requirement. Its optimized hygienic and user-friendly design makes it versatile enough to be used almost anywhere.


The corrosion-free UVF-1000 is ideal for use everywhere from gymnasiums and auditoriums to walk-in coolers and production floors. This unit maintains heated and air-conditioned spaces while sterilizing the air of viruses, bacterial, and mold spores to create a healthier atmosphere for all those in your facility without adding additional energy costs during operation.

UVF-1000 Specifications


Dimensions: 12”D x 61”L
Weight: 56 lbs
Volume (CFM): 1056 ACFM
Power: 115 V. - 6’ Power Cord
Construction/Paint: 14-Gauge Steel with Powder Coat Epoxy Finish
Noise Level 5’ dBA: 58 dBA


  • Cable Hangar Kit
  • Rolling Cart


  • Plant Production Areas
  • Packaging Rooms
  • Walk-In Coolers and Freezers
  • Schools
  • Churches

Install Methods

  • Suspension
  • Mounted with All-thread Rods
  • Ground Level Rolling Stands

The Opti-Air UV

Our self-contained Opti-Air filtration and UV units continuously pull contaminated air through multiple stages of highly efficient micro-glass filters. The filtered air is then re-circulated back into the working environment without the need for duct work. This results in a cleaner, healthier atmosphere for employees, while saving you money by maintaining heated or air-conditioned air within your facility.


  • Self-contained Unit
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance
  • 14 Gauge Powder Coated Construction
  • Variable Speed Air Flow Pattern
  • Optimized Hygienic Design


  • Cleaner, Healthier Work Environment
  • Versatility to Be Used Most Anywhere
  • Cost Effective
  • Durable, Corrosion Free
  • User friendly Controls
  • 1-Year Maintenance Required